JC Reiss

J.C. Reiss Optician, New Jersey’s oldest independent optical establishment, could qualify as a state historical landmark. It first opened in Newark in 1892, moved to the Oranges in the forties, and is now headquartered in Morristown. In fact, on June 29, 2017, J.C. Reiss celebrated its 125th anniversary with a proclamation by the Town of Morristown declaring it “J.C. Reiss Optician Day.” Even after 125 years in the business of optics, J.C. Reiss continues to be at the forefront of the industry with the use of today’s latest technology. Thomas Harrigan, having trained and worked at J.C. Reiss for over forty years, is the fourth-generation owner and chief licensed optician. Together, they have been serving several generations of families with quality eyewear made with precision by our expert opticians in our in-house finishing lab. This has built a relationship of trust and confidence in both service and workmanship that is unsurpassed by any other optical establishment. The company has taken its promise of superior quality and service a step further by creating a separate children’s room with the largest selection of pediatric eyewear available in Morris County.

Designer Eyewear
Eyeglass & Contact Prescriptions Filled
High Quality Digital Lenses

129 years in business



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Wells Fargo Parking lot, Dehart street garage, street parking


JC Reiss

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