Cambridge Wines

Cambridge Wines was founded in 2013 by David Bernat, Anthony Dinelli, and Daniel Dinelli in the apartment they shared. The apartment was located on Cambridge Avenue in the Bronx, NY. They have become a retailer of wine beer and spirits with an approachable and modern shopping experience (in-store and online). “We’ve had the joy of offering thousands of customers the retail shopping experience they deserve”.


We partner with suppliers who share our vision of honoring people who produce great products. By seeking out quality producers, we can make sure that no matter what we buy, we know “why” they produced it.

Our buyers try nearly all products before they hit the shelf to test for quality. We like to say “we try a lot of bad wine, so you don’t have to”

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Wine & Spirits


Sofi Apartments Garage


Cambridge Wines

Monday 11AM–8PM
Tuesday 11AM–8PM
Wednesday 11AM–8PM
Thursday 11AM–8PM
Friday 11AM–8PM
Saturday 11AM–8PM
Sunday 12–6PM
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