The Oldwick Soup Company

We are blessed with good health, good fortune and love. It’s our time to make the change that we have wanted to make for so long. With that being said we believe in sharing. Sharing our love and our passion for food with others. We have created The Oldwick Soup Company and our brand “Love The Soup!” To us, soup is the ultimate comfort food. It soothes our soul and brings a smile to our faces when we have a steeping bowl of hot soup put in front of us. There is nothing quite like a hearty bowl of soup, a loaf of fresh bread (and a nice bottle of wine!)

At The Oldwick Soup Company, we have created artisanal soups made with fresh, healthy and locally sourced ingredients.

At The Oldwick Soup Company, we work with terrific local farms where we source our fresh seasonal ingredients. Every purchase of product goes toward supporting our mission of giving back, and we will work with you should you have a group of purchasers for fund raisers, & charities who we can send our products to.

Free Local Delivery Only
Gift Cards Available Through Website



Artisanal Soup, Regional American

Dietary Types:
Dairy Free Options, Gluten Free Options, Vegetarian/Vegan Options



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The Oldwick Soup Company

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