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The Sweet Dream
Picture this: two college students in their final semester of their senior year with no idea how they are going to make it in the corporate world. Through crippling anxiety and tons of stress, they decide to bake some cookies, make some cash, and calm some nerves. The goal? Make enough money to travel a little – relax – and then come back to NJ and start the corporate job search again! This is the position Ali Hajihaidari and Andrew Zerquera found themselves in during the later half of 2016. After promoting on Instagram, selling some awesome baked goods, and traveling… they were flooded with tons of social media activity right before they were about to hang up their aprons and put on their suits. People wanted these crazy cookies! Since then, Ali and Andrew have been opening up cookie shops all around NJ to share these fresh baked flavors with the world! These cookies have been featured in many publications, were rated the Best Cookies in NJ, and scored a feature on Food Network and Thrillist! Aside from these amazing cookies, The Cookie Connect is also known for its creative Cereal Ice Cream Bar! Their signature product – The Cookie Cup – and their Giant 5lb Ice Cream Sandwich are recognized nationwide as some of the most” instagrammable” desserts! Let’s get #baked!

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The Cookie Connect

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