The Salad House

The Salad House has been generations in the making. Growing up in the Cioffi family deli in Springfield, NJ, our founder, Joey Cioffi, did everything from washing dishes to fulfilling large catering orders. Having the same passion for quality service as his father, Joey ultimately created The Salad House concept with one single purpose: to provide a fresh fast-casual experience that was both healthy and family friendly. Joey launched the first Salad House in Millburn, NJ in 2011, followed by Morristown in 2013, fulfilling his own American Dream just as his father did generations ago when immigrated from Italy with just $20 in his pocket.

In 2016, Jerry Eicke got involved. Jerry, a frequent customer and a huge fan of The Salad House food, marveled at how fit the restaurant was to serve quality food for all people. Jerry, a successful entrepreneur and operator in his own right, met with Joey and they quickly realized that, just like our salads, they make the perfect combination.

Joey and Jerry came to a franchising agreement and opened the third location in Westfield, NJ in 2017. The Salad House continues to focus on growing its business through franchise locations throughout the Northeast.

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Wells Fargo parking lot nearby or Maple Ave


The Salad House

Monday 9AM–9PM
Tuesday 9AM–9PM
Wednesday 9AM–9PM
Thursday 9AM–9PM |
Friday 9AM–9PM
Saturday 11AM–9PM
Sunday 11AM–4PM
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