Anecho Coffee

Anechó Coffee is a Specialty Coffee Bar for your event. We bring the caffeine, you bring the community and together we can make the perfect blend of energy and conversation. We take the equipment and expertise of a specialty coffee shop and bring them to your space or event. From our experience, something as simple as a cup of coffee can bring people together, and with our Mobile Coffee Bar, we can make that happen anywhere. From the best espresso and specialty lattes with homemade syrups to delicious and calming teas, we have got the perfect drinks for you and your guests to enjoy from your wedding to your backyard. Nikki has worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry for over 13 years. She has been formally trained in baking and pastry as well as helped to run, and open restaurants.Her other passion is coffee, where from a young age the smell permeated her home and she sought to learn more about it. She has been trained by may notable coffee roasters in the United States, and brings that training together with her culinary background to create a one of a kind experience with Anechó Coffee.

Catering Good for Groups Private Function Family Style

3 years in business



Culinary and specialty

Dietary Types:
Caffeine Free Options, Dairy Free Options, Vegetarian/Vegan Options



Anecho Coffee

We offer our services anywhere on the go — indoor/outdoors, small/large parties

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