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We are looking for a team member who will deliver wine, beer, and spirits throughout Morristown and the surrounding areas.

The driver/stock associate is mainly responsible for the delivery of product to local restaurants and residences. Other responsibilities include keeping shelf items fully stocked, organized and well maintained; assisting with receiving product and other various floor duties as needed.

All Delivery Drivers are responsible for, but not limited to the following tasks:

· Deliveries
· Utilize Company Delivery App
· Private Order Transportation
· Light Transfers
· Sweep FOH, BOH, & Outdoor Spaces
· Squeegee as Needed
· Mop as Needed
· Clean Carpets, Bathrooms, Additional Messes
· Light Transfers Between Stores
· Miscellaneous Errands (Bank, Staples, Ice, Etc.)
· Collect and Dispose of Trash and Recycle
· Break Down Boxes for Disposal
· Vehicle Upkeep (Throw out Trash, Keep Them Clean, Gassed Up, and Monitor any Further Needs Regarding Servicing and Functionality)
· Assist Delivery Coordinator with Assembling Orders
· Maintain Constant Communication with In-Store Staff

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $14.00 /hour

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