FLK Method

FLK Method is a virtual fitness studio with classes led by @fit.like.krys designed to get you results (and have fun while doing it). With a combination of Toning, Yoga, Strength, Cardio Boxing, Cycling, Bodyweight Resistance, Trampoline & Bodyweight Cardio classes…you will NEVER get bored and ALWAYS get results. That said, the great workouts are just a small part of what you get when you join FLK Method. Although FLK Method is mostly virtual there are select in person events and classes that occur in Caldwell NJ.

The FIT LIKE KRYS Method began in 2018, but officially became FLK Method when the virtual studio and APP launched in 2020. A virtual studio with over 20+ live options per week and options for accountability challenges each month for active members.


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FLK Method

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