Juliana Londoño – Leadership Consultant 

Juliana Londoño is a licensed mental health therapist, executive administrator, and entrepreneur. The intersectionality of her identities makes her stand out amongst others. As a latina, first-generation college graduate (x2) and person with narcolepsy, her passion is educating others on mental health, advocacy, and leadership. With her diverse background in higher education, business, and public speaking, she has a keen understanding of best practices as well as unique ideas.

Service offered include:

Leadership Facilitation – Whether IRL or virtually, I can provide innovative and bold ideas for your team or organization. Topics range from team-building to project management and much more!

Workshops – “Hablemos about Mental Health”
“Vulnerability is your Superpower”
“Self-care Ain’t Selfish”
Tell me your goals and objectives and I’ll host a dynamic presentation.
Speaking Engagements – Whether a small classroom or a crowd of 500+, let me energize, motivate, and captivate your audience.
Customized Plans – Do you have a specific goal in mind? Whether it is learning about financial aid options to career options, let me tailor a plan to fit your needs and wants.

Juliana’s leadership speaks for itself. Having earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health from Monmouth University, she was the highest ranking recipient in her program and honored with  “Community Leadership Service Award’. She is a Board-Certified National Certified Counselor. Other distinctions include the Emerging Leaders Grant from the American College Counseling Association, Founder of the National Society of Leadership and Success Chapter at Ramapo College of New Jersey, and most recently Associate Board Member and Mentor Coach for America Needs You.
Juliana want to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest. Juliana has collaborated with colleges, non-profits, and other businesses to enhance their strategic vision and unite teams to work towards their ultimate potential.
Whether a small business, corporation, or college student, let me guide you along the journey towards your success.




Juliana Londoño – Leadership Consultant 

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