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Morristown Media
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Morristown Media provides destination marketing provider of choice for New Jersey. We are dedicated to improving the economic standing and prosperity of the area by maximizing travel and tourism opportunities for visitors from around the world. By emphasizing opportunities for playing, living, and working in our area, as well as all the latest news, we ensure visitors are well-positioned to appreciate New Jersey to its fullest. We also help local entrepreneurs, freelancers and other professionals network and get exposure by listing them through our new Discover feature.

Founded in 2016 by Greg Keefe, our mission has always been to enhance the area by bringing more traffic, whether from temporary visitors or prospective new citizens. We also encourage increased revenue in the area by offering advertising opportunities to both local and outside businesses. Learn more about Morristown Media by contacting us online today.

The main pillars emphasized by Morristown Media’s website are:

  • Play: Morristown, New Jersey is bursting with opportunities for leisure and relaxation, from dining and shopping to special events and exercise and everything in between;
  • Live: Considering a move to a vibrant, diverse community? We make it easy to explore currently residential listings in Morristown;
  • Work: Find opportunities for employment, internships, and volunteering in the Morristown, New Jersey area by visiting our site;
  • Discover: Find local entrepreneurs, freelancers, influencers, and businesses, or network and promote your own for exposure and referrals;
  • And News: Keep up to date on the latest events, developments, stories of interest, and more in Morristown, New Jersey.

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