The Best of the Bitter Bean in Morristown

Morristown has many options for those seeking the comfort of a warm drink. Yet the popularity of certain types of drinks means that some of the best choices remain firmly unnoticed. The establishments included here offer many drinks (not to mention food) that make each deserving of a visit. 

If up to this point your relationship with coffee has required the involvement of others (any and all varieties of syrups and milks and flavoring…..) this post might not immediately seem to speak your language. It might even turn you off entirely. But give the bean a chance to hold its own, especially when prepared locally in ways meant to showcase its potential for depth and individuality. 

And now, in no particular order of significance, the coffee experiences your life might very well be lacking.

When minimal but excellent is your goal – The Americano

The Artist Baker, 14 Cattano Ave and SmartWorld Coffee, 74 South Street

Ideal for beginning your day with the purest taste and the least distraction, the Americano is a competitive alternative to conventionally brewed coffee. Each Americano must be made individually with a fresh shot of espresso and hot water, so you eliminate the possibility of brewed coffee that has sat for too long on a commercial hot plate, lending it a distinctly burnt taste. Two of the best locations to experience the Americano are both independently owned, community-oriented shops. With SmartWorld on the busy stretch of South Street and The Artist Baker on Cattano, you have two excellent options depending on your geographic (and traffic) considerations. 


When you have time to savor – The Pour Over 

Green Point Organic Juicery, 28 Speedwell Ave

Serious respect is due a juicery that not only refuses to downplay coffee but actually embraces it. Though the health benefits of coffee are well established, it’s usually removed far away from drinks seen as purer and healthier. Beyond its commitment to the freshest, cleanest juice, Green Point is equally committed to Counter Culture beans, a roastery known for exceptional single-origin beans in its relentless pursuit of coffee perfection. 

Among Green Point’s many inspired (not said lightly – both the titles and designs of their drinks are moments of creative artistry) menu offerings, one of the gems is their pour over. With each order individually hand brewed, the pour over demands care and precision that ensures the drinking experience is rich, crisp, and balanced. Allow 5-7 extra minutes, and then many more for actually enjoying it, as this method elevates the enjoyment of the coffee bean through one of the oldest methods. 

As an alternative, the beauty of Green Point’s Golden Mylk Latte deserves mentioning. Integrating vanilla and turmeric, the latte heightens the coffee healthiness quotient significantly. 

When you need more than just the usual: The Turbo

Dunkin Donuts, 30 Lafayette Ave

Those searching for a curated coffee experience might skip over the more obvious chains whose repetition and ease make them obviously less intriguing. Understandably, if ambiance is your priority, you will most likely bypass a franchise—but this isn’t an analysis of ambiance. This is an analysis of real coffee taste, and the turbo at the Dunkin on Lafayette is sublime. A rich shot of espresso is introduced to freshly brewed coffee, creating robustness that will both surprise your tastebuds and strengthen your mind with more than the usual jolt of caffeine. Though it is great entirely on its own, an infusion of cream helps reveal even more depth. Keep in mind that even though their names might all be the same, not all Dunkins are equal, and they definitely don’t all make the turbo in the best way, so choose your location well. 


When you (really) have time: The Affogato

Lokl Cafe, 80 South Street 

The post-dinner longing for something sweet yet not completely dessert-ish can be answered by the stunningly simple elegance of an affogato. (In fact, you don’t even have to wait until after dinner, but make sure you give yourself the gift of time to enjoy it properly.) Creamy, artisanal vanilla ice cream topped with the bitter freshness of an espresso shot creates a unique contrast of flavors and temperatures. Lokl Cafe’s rendition offers not only an experience of exceptional taste but also of aesthetic appeal.

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