Start Your Santacon at Homestead

This Saturday – tomorrow! – Morristown will be the jolliest it has been in two years. 

The streets will be filled with the rosiest of faces……  

And outfits. You have the chance to opt for the coziest, furriest coat or the skimpiest version of said coat (or no coat – maybe just a hat with a bit of fur?)  

Cheer will be everywhere. No matter what your work week was like, no matter who you wanted to tell off and couldn’t, no matter how annoyed you are with your significant other or how frustrated you are in trying to find one (or get rid of one), cheer will be contagious, irresistible.

For tomorrow, December 11th, Santa comes to Morristown. Wait, better than Santa…many, many Santas. Plural. 

This weekend is Santacon, and this isn’t just any Santacon. This is The Homestead’s first Santacon ever, their inaugural moment in the event that fills us all with good tidings and cheer.

Starting at 2pm on Saturday, Homestead will celebrate the best part of the season with live music and giveaways, and you should be there. 

Whether you’re a committed Santa-impersonator with years of experience or you’re just reading this by chance and you’ve never considered the potential glory of embracing your inner St. Nick, this Saturday is the perfect chance to join in celebrating the man from the North Pole with the fabulous bartenders at Homestead. 

Come for the giveaways, stay for the music, and let Homestead’s amazing drinks (and food) warm your heart as you welcome the best people-watching event of the year.

Santa reigns at The Homestead, 10 Dehart Street, Morristown, starting 2pm Saturday, Dec. 11th.

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