Salad, Cookies, and Smiles Coming to Morris Plains

Answering the complex question, “Where should we eat?” is about to get even harder for Morristown residents. Briarcliff Commons, located at the nexus of Route 10 and Route 22 in Morris Plains, will soon be home to three new businesses: Chopt Creative Salad Company, Crumbl Cookies and Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace. Each are beloved establishments, with locations dotting the metro area and underscoring the quality of their offerings. Uncle Giuseppe’s already has a grand opening date of January 14, 2022. Crumbl and Chopt are not far behind with construction on their sites already well under way.

Chopt Creative salad company’s motto, “Salad isn’t the start of the meal, it’s the whole meal”, provides a succinct explanation of what diners can expect. Salad lovers may already be familiar with Chopt’s Florham Park location and can attest to the variety and quality offered. Chopt’s menu features warm bowls with grain or cauliflower rice, and signature salads, as well as  lighter offerings and rotating specials. For the undecided, customer-created salads are available with over 20+ dressings and six other categories of flavorful healthy food options to consider. Quality is assured as Chopt sources its ingredients from “local food artisans, farmers, small businesses, and producers with better food and better practices.” They also use only cage-free eggs and Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certified chicken. Chopt is currently recruiting team members for its newest location, indicating it’ll be opening soon.

Crumbl Cookies embodies the mantra give the customer what they want. Crumbl’s founders, cousins Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley, tested recipes with customers, gathering feedback in order to fulfill their ‘perfect cookie quest.’ Crumbl has since swelled to over 300 bakeries across the country in the three years since its opening! Cookies are available in a plethora of flavors, with the weekly rotating menu ensuring there’s always something new to order alongside your favorites. The freshness is literally on display as the founders believe that Crumbl customers should see their cookies being mixed, balled, baked and dressed in real-time. Glowing customer reviews indicate this is a sweet spot not to be missed.

The success of Italian restaurants in Morristown demonstrates it is a clear favorite cuisine in the community. Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace will capitalize on that audience through its commitment to “sell the tastiest food that’s made with traditional old-fashioned Italian recipes, and use the highest quality ingredients available.” In addition to providing for all of your weekly grocery needs, Uncle G’s stores have massive prepared foods areas with over 130 dishes to choose from. They have pre-packaged products available for easy grab & go including pizza, fresh pastas, and their unparalleled from-scratch sauces.  For dessert, customers can visit their authentic Italian bakery and candy counter with all house-made treats. Uncle G’s aims not just to feed but also to entertain. Customers can enjoy Italian music (often live!), samples, and friendly associates. Chefs can be seen hand-making pasta and mozzarella cheese daily or even hand rolling sushi. Stepping foot into an Uncle G’s will put a smile on your face and have you enjoying shopping again before you even taste the excellent food. The grand opening event will take place at Uncle G’s Briarcliff Commons location on Friday January, 14th!

Photo courtesy of Uncle Giuseppe’s

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