Thrift for Your Recent (Life) Shift

You’ve just moved here. You’re amped about getting to know the town, finding the best happy hours, learning great places to relax while still being out. You’re excited about pretty much everything……except finding a bunch of furniture for your new place, quickly, and without shelling out the little money you might be clinging to after your down payment and rent.

One of Morristown’s best treasures can answer almost every practical need. Even better, it can do it fast and without hurting your wallet. And better yet, you’ll probably have fun in the process.  


This treasure is easily missed if you don’t know where to find it (which, incidentally, confirms it as a treasure). Nestled at the end of George Street, a tiny half-road tucked away moments from the Green, the Market Street Mission thrift store is an unexpected find in the midst of residential structures, sandwiched between the river, the rail lines, and Gramby Park. A short walk down the street from Verrilli’s Bakery, pairing your visit to the thrift store with one of the bakery’s classic spudnut donuts as part of a relaxing Saturday only enhances the experience.   


The thrift store is one location that offers an impressive intersection of opportunities all wrapped into one. Beyond outfitting your space and giving you the chance to find both new and vintage clothing, shopping at Market Street lets you support a fully charitable operation that has been serving Morristown since 1889. You’ll also get the chance to meet the people who make the thrift store so great (and if you become a repeat visitor, you’ll undoubtedly begin thinking of these people as friends).  

Regular stop-ins to Market Street are essential. The high turnover in inventory makes shopping like hunting for gems, but so much better than searching for actual gems because you’re not in competition with anyone else. Everyone is there hunting for their own unique treasure. In addition to regular visits, keep your ears open for mentions of Market Street’s special events. A select few times a year there are specific sales for items that get held from the general store, including musical instruments, purses, and leather, among others. Above all, the art show should not be missed. Coming this January, the thrift store closes early and opens for a special evening with music, refreshments, and a sale on the remarkable art pieces that have been donated. 

So, as we all prepare to enter some version of semi-hibernation for winter, consider more time indoors as a chance to look around your apartment, house, room or whatever space you consider yours. Maybe the Market Street Mission Thrift Store will give you the desk that becomes your workspace to pursue the job you know you want. Maybe it will give you the vintage plates that will hold the food you’ll share with new friends. Maybe it will be the place that welcomes your well-loved clothes when you feel the need to purge and start fresh for the new year (don’t we all need this?). Maybe it will even be the place you unexpectedly meet someone who shares your same random interest in old guitars and classic movies. 

You’d be hard pressed to find another place where each of these things is possible. Whatever brings you there, you’ll likely be surprised by what you find that you didn’t even know you needed. It is never the same place twice.


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