Living in The Edge

Living on the edge is a concept that needs no defining. 

But what if you could defy the metaphor and actually live on the edge? Or rather, in the edge? 

Photo courtesy of Ray Reduce Development

THE EDGE is Morristown’s newest luxury apartment building, one whose location and design make it just as alluring as its name. Located at 42 Spring Street, the building is impressively nestled on the sharp, angular corner formed by Water Street steeply descending to meet Spring. A project of Ray Reduce Development, The Edge is set to be completed and ready for occupancy next month.

While Ray Reduce Development has engaged in many projects throughout New Jersey, this is Mr. Reduce’s first entrance into Morristown. Voicing his enthusiasm for this new partnership, Ray expressed admiration for the goals of the town’s leadership in prioritizing quality of life and environment for its residents. “The town wants the best for its people,” Mr. Reduce explained, “and we are pleased to be part of that.” 

The Edge has a total of twenty-four apartments comprising both 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units. The one bedroom apartments are 900 square feet, while the two bedrooms range from 1100 square feet to 1400 square feet. Monthly rent prices for the one bedroom units begin in the mid $2000s and prices for the two bedroom apartments range in the $3000s. 

Photo by Morristown Media

The building offers underground parking and an attractive granite patio area providing options of outdoor relaxing and eating. Though convenient for residents of The Edge, the patio area is open to public use. As Mr. Reduce commented, “Building in Morristown means contributing to the larger public, not just the building itself.”  

Another aspect that reflects this contribution to the greater well being of Morristown and its residents is Mr. Reduce’s commitment to earning Energy Star certification for The Edge. Achieving this certification demands significant attention and meticulous execution in all stages of the design and construction process. An Energy Star building must meet strict energy performance standards set by the EPA indicating that the entire structure generates fewer greenhouse gases than 75% of similar buildings nationwide. Reviewed on an annual basis, a building must outperform year to year to maintain certification. 

The Edge fills a unique and enviable niche in the Morristown real estate profile: proximity, accessibility, design, and seclusion. It is close enough to the center of town to be within mere minutes of walking to restaurants, bars, and stores, yet the surrounding geography cushions residents from the noise and distraction of South Street traffic. The building’s location at the intersection of Spring and Water Streets makes it easily accessible to both Morris Street and South Street business areas.

While The Edge boasts the advantage of proximity, it has an equally strong advantage in its relative seclusion. The intriguing shape and position of the lot prevent neighboring buildings from being immediately next door. Living in The Edge means seclusion not just from the very center of town but from the potential encroachment of other construction. 

The distinctive artistry of Ray Reduce’s work makes the building’s design one of its most appealing aspects. Mr. Reduce said that the topography of the lot made development and design extremely difficult. That planning and construction difficulty apparently encouraged innovative design; every apartment in the building has floor to ceiling glass windows with high ceilings, spacious rooms, and exquisite attention to detail. As Ray explained, “There are no bad units.” 

“The rear exposure of the building means that the rear-facing units have a quiet, wooded view.” Mr. Reduce described. Forward-facing apartments in the building enjoy virtually unobstructed sky views. In fact, the topography and location that made the construction and development so difficult are the very factors that now lend intriguing angles and potential to each unit.

Photo courtesy of Ray Reduce Development

The reputation and repertoire of Reduce’s work speaks to the quality and acclaim that his most recent project brings to Morristown. A prominent Bergen County developer, Ray is part of a construction legacy that traces its roots to Victor Reduce, Ray’s grandfather. Victor immigrated from Belluno, Italy to America in 1919, bringing his expertise in craftsmanship and beginning a family tradition that has evolved to create residential homes, retail establishments, and major commercial buildings throughout the NYC metro area. 

For a building that occupies a relatively small piece of land, The Edge offers diverse options for ambiance, enhancing the appeal of living in the building. Ray Reduce’s work has transformed a bleak, seemingly unusable piece of land into a habitable work of art. 

For leasing inquiries, contact the leasing team, SP Realty Group at (201) 567-2121.

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