Lights, Santa, Action!

Morristown is aglow once again with bright lights, sparkling ornaments, and wreaths of garland festooned across every doorway. The festive decor excites the senses, signaling the arrival of the season. Morristown’s business owners celebrate by producing displays capable of softening the demeanor of even the most hardened Grinch in your life. For those less swayed by bulbs and baubles, food and drink specials are a surefire antidote for holiday blues. Stirling Tavern, 1776, Lokl Cafe and Glenbrook Brewery are just a few of the spots worth visiting for that perfect Christmas vibe.

Stirling Tavern goes all out for Christmas – Instagram junkies will want to head straight to the bar to photograph the striking ornament and light display suspended from the ceiling. Stirling has more real estate to work with this year, thanks to their recent 2nd floor addition. They have upped the holiday ante and now have a stunning full sized tree and large illuminated wreath in their dining areas. American tradition dictates that all holidays must feature ample alcohol choices. Stirling is on hand with an entire holiday cocktail lineup, which includes themed  beverages like, “Turn Up for Santa” and “Don’t Nog It ‘Til You Try It.” This menu is generating plenty of “buzz” across Morristown, and one that deserves trying.

David Burke’s newly minted 1776 also contributes to Morristown’s Christmas flair. Inside, patrons will find a glittering tree with poinsettias accenting the contemporary vision. 1776’s location on the edge of the Morristown Green demands a bold exterior design. Chef Burke’s team has produced an instant classic. Passers-by can enjoy lit wreaths on every window and trees on the terrace bursting with color. Reservations are available for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner services, both featuring a bespoke holiday menu.

The Christmas season would be incomplete without a cozy spot to enjoy sipping a piping hot drink. Lokl Cafe provides plenty of coffee options, as well as tea – and, of course, hot chocolate. Overhead, paper decorations hang from the ceiling invoking memories of Buddy the Elf’s handiwork. Lokl’s storefront is covered in stunning white and blue ornaments and bows, reminiscent of the colors of the Greek flag. In the lounge, a stark white tree serves as the centerpiece. Lokl enthusiasts can even enjoy their authentic Greek baked goods this holiday. Bakery items, including baklava and a traditional Greek fruit-bread called Tsoureki, can be preordered now for pick-up on December 24th.   

Though Christmas trees are the most recognizable symbol of holiday cheer, Glenbrook Brewery is proving there’s an even more welcome holiday sight: a Christmas-ified fermenter full of delicious holiday brew. The aforementioned libation dubbed “Thomas Nast Christmas Ale” will have you caroling in no time. Weighing in at 5.4% ABV, Nast’s ale is light and complex with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and honey notes expertly interwoven. In addition to the fermenters, glowing trees, wreaths, and Christmas messages throughout the brewery promote holiday cheer. Nast was an artist who is credited with designing the modern Santa Claus. What could be more seasonable than honoring him with an ale? 

Morristown residents recognize the Green as the epicenter of Christmas magic in town. However, if you prefer to simulate a visit to the North Pole while warm and cozy indoors, look no further than Iron Bar. Every square inch of this Morristown favorite oozes Christmas joy, from the candy canes and string lights hanging above your head to the garland and wrapping paper on the walls. After taking a seat amongst the sea of green and red, you’ll notice dancing santa figures atop the bar top. Santa has brought his recipes to Iron Bar’s cocktail lineup via his “Secret Sips.” One highlight from these drink specials includes “Ya Filthy Animal,” pairing creamy Spanish coquito with festive pineapple sweetness – resulting in a seasonably appropriate pina colada flavor. Santa’s Sips are available for a limited time this holiday season!

Further proof that Morristown bars celebrate Christmas in the best style is The Homestead. Before entering, onlookers are greeted with Santa’s warm grin on the front doors. Inside, nestled around the perfect game day projector screens are several Christmas trees with multi-colored lights. Santa riding on his sleigh sits atop one of Homestead’s exits. Liquid holiday celebrations come in the form of the “Mistletoe Martini”, “Christmas Mule,” and decadent “Peppermint Martini.” The martini’s mixture of vodka, peppermint schnapps, cream, and creme de cacao capped with a delicious candy cane rim embodies holiday cheer. Homestead is a destination for sports fans, and now Christmas lovers will want to stop in, too! 

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