Goodbye, South Street!

13 South Street’s new sign hangs: “Fomo”

South Street restaurant and bar, located steps away from the famed Morristown Green, closed its doors on Sunday, March 20. But fear not! The beloved watering hole won’t be shuttered for long. Instead, it’s undergoing a renovation – which will be accompanied by a name change. Upon its reopening, which is expected some time in the first or second week of April, South Street will be known as FOMO. FOMO is an acronym which stands for Fear Of Missing Out – don’t miss out on the exciting changes!

Patrons can expect renovations to include updates to the walls, lighting and improvement in the general aesthetics of the 13 South Street location. Further upgrades will be made to the sound equipment and lighting utilized by the bar’s frequent guest DJs. Ownership has secured necessary permissions from the required planning and zoning boards, with only minor exterior lighting and signage variances pending. This improved, new space will aim to evoke feelings of a classic cocktail bar – such as those seen in Manhattan’s lower East Side.

The refresh is no mere face lift. In addition to an elevated, best in class cocktail menu, FOMO will also launch with a brand new food menu. In comparison to South Street, food will have a much bigger focus at FOMO. Though casual bar food will remain on offer, the new inclusion of rotating street food will be the signature. Street food offerings provide access to unique and delicious flavors from all over the world. The plan is to rotate through a variety of cuisines, using sales and customer feedback to curate the most popular items. Over time, the menu will comprise the best of the best previously featured items. Street food cuisines will include Indian, Asian, and Latin flavors, among many others. FOMO’s menu will resemble street vendors commonly found in each of these geographic areas. Expect hearty, stick-to-your-gut food that you can’t get all over town.

New majority owner Gardner Lonsberry emphases that FOMO’s mission is to bring fun back to bars. He feels bars shouldn’t be considered fun simply because they are bars. Instead, creating a unique experience where people are encouraged to interact with each other is the aim. FOMO plans to announce complete details shortly, but expect one of a kind theme nights, only available at FOMO. All of Lonsberry’s initiatives are underpinned by his beloved staff. Since coming in as majority owner just six weeks ago, he has brought back some fantastic bartenders who had left South Street. Regulars can be assured the current staff will all be staying for the relaunch. FOMO will also feature guest bartenders, recruiting some of the biggest local names for special events. Guests on parade day will have already seen them in action. 

If these hugely exciting changes do not prompt a visit to FOMO, come in to support Lonsberry. Gardner Lonsberry is a son of Morristown. He lives in Morristown and his hospitality skills have been nurtured here. Lonsberry started as a bartender at The Office Tavern Grill back in 2002. Long before that, he remembers playing Little League when his team was sponsored by a bar in town. Now he hopes to be able to pay it forward and continue to support this special community. One way Garnder is looking to give back is through the establishment of a clean up crew, staffed by local bars. They would help clean up the Green and surrounding streets after busy nights. Gardner seeks to foster a unique and fun atmosphere at FOMO that responsibly serves guests and the Morristown community. Morristown, support this entrepreneur!

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