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Morristown, meet your new craving!

Settling in at 88 South Street is brand new, long-awaited tenant Cookie Connect. North Jersey foodies already adore Cookie Connect, having spent many late nights at their locations in Bloomfield, Hoboken and Ridgewood. For the uninitiated, hungry patrons can savor a freshly baked treat from their menu featuring twelve signature cookies. Customizable ice cream creations are also available which pair soft serve, classic breakfast cereals, and optional mix-ins like sprinkles/ sauces. Cookie Connect brands itself a “cookie cafe and cereal bar” which on its own is a specialty concept unique enough to inspire a rabid fanbase. However, a major cornerstone of its success is its late night operating hours. Cookie Connect burns the midnight oil daily with weekend closings at 2:00AM!

Created in 2016 by two college students, Cookie Connect is a modern business with strong technology underpinning fantastic ingredients. The South Street storefront features a contemporary open floor plan with self-service kiosks. Online ordering is available directly through the cookie connect website for a simple customer service experience. After walking through Cookie Connect’s doors, its walls feature a whimsical freehand mural by local artist Gabriel D’Elia. D’Elias graffiti inspired design comes alive under LED light and allows for swirling patterns to animate Cookie Connect. Pink neon is a major motif here with the centerpiece of the design a glorious neon sign reading, “You make my dreams crumb true…”.

Ultimately, Cookie Connect can only be as good as its flagship product. Morristown, get excited. From the first bite to the last, these cookies are exceptional. The salted caramel pretzel cookie surprised with delicious melty caramel bites baked inside a chocolate chip cookie. Atop the cookie, soft sea salt pretzels lead to a pleasing texture juxtaposition. Sticky and sweet light caramel sauce completes the package.

While some of the cookies have toppings, others have fillings. Enter a limited time seasonal offering in the form of Nutella stuffed red velvet. This heavyweight chocolate treat has nutella inside and red / green M&Ms with chocolate sauce drizzled on top. The result? An ooey gooey mess in the best way! A side effect of the thicker stuffed cookie is mouth-watering crisper edges.

If you think Cookie Connect would miss the opportunity to combine their cereals with their yummy cookies – you are certainly mistaken. Satisfying a sweet tooth at the breakfast table is a common goal. Pancakes, french toast or pastries are often go-tos. Consider instead Cookie Connect’s cinnamon roll cookie. Its spiced Snickerdoodle base lives in perfect harmony with white chocolate chips. Lastly, sweet vanilla swirl envelops cinnamon toast crunch in a triumphant finish. This cookie certainly is high on the sweetness scale but the delightful cinnamon aftertaste is more than worth the price of admission.

One cookie distinguishes itself as the supreme and absolute best. America’s favorite cookie combination, cookies and cream, has been lovingly developed with Cookie Connect’s artisanal touch. It begins as a standard chocolate chip cookie. The twist comes when an oreo cookie is placed inside for baking. Paradoxically, this causes the oreo inside to become softer, crumbling slightly. The stuffed cookies sport extra crisp edges. The crisp edges, melty chocolate chip cookie and crumbly oreo inside result in a trio of unforgettable texture successes. Chocolate lovers will rejoice with oreo, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce all combining together in the Cookies and Cream variety. The flavor is a home run – the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Cookie Connect is a worthy addition to Morristown’s stable of top quality restaurants. Desserts can be ordered directly from the Cookie Connect website for pick up or delivery late into the evening. Varied cookie flavors are universally delicious, fully warranting one’s attention. A brand new dessert-focused establishment is a welcome boon to Morristown’s food options. Consider Cookie Connect the next time an appetite for confections comes calling!

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