Beenie’s Is Expanding!

Changes are coming soon to iconic Morristown dessert staple, Beenie’s Ice Cream. The shop’s co-owners, Tony and Andrea Franco, understand the needs of their customers and have completely reimagined the customer experience with a major upcoming expansion. Tony Franco, Beenie’s gregarious visionary, is planning significant change for his and his wife’s beloved shop. Due to Beenie’s incredible popularity, Franco has fielded requests from customers asking if it is possible to offer additional seating outside the shop on Morris Street.

Underscoring his commitment to Morristown and his ambition for Beenie’s future growth, Franco has instead secured the storefront adjacent to Beenie’s at 40 Morris Street. This site, previously utilized by Savour Café & Eatery, will now serve as a separate seating area for customers. Dedicated seating means customers can enjoy their treats away from a crowded, fast-paced ordering area.

As Morristown continues to grow, and traffic on Morris Street sees a large uptick with the imminent opening of the M-station office building, this additional space will allow Beenie’s to serve customers in new and exciting ways. Reducing bottlenecks and improving the flow of customers through the shop are a major focus of the expansion. In addition to seating, a small counter in the new space will service DoorDash, cake, and pint orders—preventing the buildup of customers in a single line. The sites will be connected by a newly formed corridor and the new circular flow is sure to remove the congestion ceiling that exists today.

Beenies current seating area

Beenie’s will soon become a social destination akin to the sit-down coffee shops or cocktail bars dotting our town. Birthday parties, corporate groups and others will be able to rent this space for their events. However, Beenie’s expansion was designed with the everyday customer in mind. Families, friends and even couples can enjoy this new social space which will boast a bold and fun design vision as is seen throughout the store today.

Beenie’s is truly a neighborhood gem, offering 38 flavors daily that are as unique as they are tasty. Owner Tony Franco exudes passion for his craft and takes pride in operating an ice cream centric small business. He views ice cream as a simple and easy to understand idea and relishes creating products that guests love. Quirky, delicious ice cream flavors are truly just the tip of the proverbial iceberg at Beenie’s. Menu items include pre-packaged pints (optionally available via delivery), several soft serve varieties (pineapple dole whip is a must try), milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, cakes, and the intriguing one-of-a-kind lava shake.

Franco is the mad scientist behind Beenie’s lava shakes and maintains that they are the future! Think hot chocolate with much more pizzaz and flexibility. The tagline for this creation is “Hot Anything” because at Beenie’s that is exactly what is offered. Beenie’s have developed a method to fashion an “any-flavor” hot chocolate out of their award winning ice cream. Innovating on behalf of customers, Franco finds it “weird that hot chocolate has always been one flavor, what if you don’t like chocolate?” This kind of novelty is what makes Beenie’s such a special experience.

Beenie’s first opened its doors five years ago on May 18, 2017. Since that time, change has been the only constant force in Morristown. However, Beenie’s has continued to find success through positive word of mouth from its fervent fanbase. Beenie’s consistently delivers on its priorities of quality, service and a fun atmosphere. Tony and his wife Andrea are hugely committed to their continued success in Morristown.

The acquisition of 40 Morris Street will allow them to put their best foot forward for customers well into the future. The best part? These changes are coming sooner than you might think with Beenie’s currently earmarking August as the timeline by which to complete the transformation. Keep your eye on our Instagram account @morristown.nj for further updates on the project!

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