1776 by David Burke is a MUST TRY! Here’s Why.

A true dining experience stays in the mind well after the taste of one’s meal has faded. Chef David Burke capitalizes on this idea in his newest restaurant 1776, located on the Morristown Green. 1776 boasts a menu of truly memorable dishes infused with the unique creativity that has garnered Burke national attention. Despite 1776 being one of Morristown’s newest establishments, the elevated standard evident upon first impression raises it immediately to the top of Morristown’s fine dining hierarchy.

Those familiar with David Burke’s many metropolitan area restaurants may have heard of his signature clothesline bacon. This is not your mother’s bacon! Think thick-cut, smokey and beautifully marbled. The bacon is torched in the kitchen just prior to serving, giving it a sublime temperature and sending droplets of grease sliding down onto the pickles perched below. Servers hand out scissors and stress the recommendation to pair a piece of bacon alongside a section of the pickle spear. The combination is heavenly, further enhanced by the presentation and interactive element.

Man can not live by bacon alone. Luckily 1776 delivers across a gamut of flavors. The lobster dumplings are a delightful venture into Asian cuisine, sporting the ideal chewy texture alongside excellently balanced seasoning. Burke’s salmon tuna tartare was yet another notable dish highlighting the extreme freshness of his ingredients. The 1776 spin on this dish is the inclusion of radish and paprika leading to a satisfying finish you won’t taste elsewhere. The star of the first course was undoubtedly the paper-boy shrimp. Buttery jumbo shrimp, wrapped in basil leaves, are surrounded by mouth watering light flaky tempura batter. The taste is beyond description and requires immediate consumption.

David Burke restaurants are now synonymous with elite steak experiences. That rich tradition is evident through 1776’s steak offerings. Prime cuts are brought in and subject to Burke’s patented dry aging process before chefs lovingly prepare them according to each diner’s preferences. The 34oz porterhouse will play on repeat in your dreams. The fillet is tender and buttery soft – a spoon would easily suffice. The New York strip has wonderful marbling accompanied by unparalleled seasoning seared right into the meat. The steak comes with Chef’s own “b1 sauce” – it is similar to A1 steak sauce with 1000% more flavor. Proverbial sides are available in the form of creamed spinach and 1776’s exciting french onion soup mashed potatoes. The creativity reaches its height in 1776’s general tso’s cauliflower & broccoli. The flavors compare favorably with the best Asian restaurants. Featuring a sweet and spicy orange sauce and an extremely flavorful tempura batter, it leaves diners wanting more.

While the food is above reproach, the dining experience doesn’t end there. Before precisely cutting the porterhouse for serving, staff present the finished steak to diners to confirm the cook is to their liking. After the meal concludes, servers are on hand to offer dessert recommendations. The attention to detail is such that severs will inquire so that they can make sure to pack leftovers in different bags for those who live separately. The quality of ingredients, immense creativity showcased in every dish, and conscientious attention from well trained-staff all lead to consistent fantastic experiences at 1776. Morristown residents should run, not walk, to this new institution.

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